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Contract for the provision of public services

The attached form is an example of THE contract and the individual terms and conditions may be modified by mutual agreement. All price terms, including any discounts, are subject to customer agreement, based on individual customer negotiations.

General business conditions for download

General conditions - for the provision of Internet connection service (effective until 30.11.2009)

| PDF | 1.10.2007 | 149 kB

General Terms and Conditions of Energotel, a.s. for the provision of Internet connection service (Business Internet), January of 2020 (effective from 1.12.2020) 

General conditions - for the provision of rental services for telecommunication circuits (effective until 30.11.2009)

| PDF | 1.10.2007 | 147 kB

General terms and conditions of Energotel, a.s. for the provision of rental services for telecommunication circuits, October 2009 (effective from 1.12.2009)

| PDF | 30.10.2009 | 127 kB

Terms and conditions - for the provision of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service (effective until 30.11.2009)

| PDF | 1.10.2007 | 148 kB

General Terms and Conditions of Energotel, a.s. for the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, October 2009 (effective from 1.12.2009)

| PDF | 30.10.2009 | 128 kB

Technical Specification of Participant Interfaces for Services – Circuits and the Internet 

| PDF | 27.8.2007 | 257 kB

Integrated Management System Policies 

| PDF | 19.4.2010 | 98 kB

Conditions for the provision of Internet access services pursuant to Art. Section 4, Paragraph 1 Regulation EP and Council (EU) No. 2015/2120 of 25.11.2015 (hereinafter “the Regulation”)

| PDF | 18.04.2017 | 332 kB

Reklamačný poriadok pre službu vyjadrovanie o existencii trás podzemných vedení.

| PDF | 4.2.2020 | 221 kB

Vzorový formulár na odstúpenie od zmluvy k službe vyjadrovania o existencii tras podzemných vedení.

| PDF | 4.2.2020 | 105 kB

Všeobecné obchodné podmienky na vyjadrovanie o existencii trás podzemných vedení

| PDF | 6.2.2020 | 159 kB

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General information

In the case of a contract of indefinite duration, the standard notice period is 1 month. In the case of fixed-term contracts or with a time commitment, the customer is obliged to use the service for an agreed period of time.

The Complaint Procedure, including the method of compensation for the recognition of complaints, as well as disruption procedures, or customer disconnection in the event of non-payment of invoices, are part of the relevant general terms of service.

Procedures for troubleshooting are defined in Art. 9 of the relevant general conditions, regulated by a specific agreement with the customer.

Measurement and traffic management, with this aim of preventing or exceeding the capacity of the network connection, corresponds to the procedures in accordance with the capacitive management process according to the ISO 20000 standard.

Possible changes to the terms of service provision are made on the basis of individual negotiations with customers. Changes to the applicable General Terms and Conditions may be unilaterally performed by Energotel, a.s. in accordance with the relevant General Terms and Conditions.

Our company is not involved in the residential customers market and does not offer services to natural persons – consumers. We focus on providing wholesale services for telecommunications operators and for larger companies, so we try to match the terms of the cooperation to the greatest possible extent to the individual needs of our customers.

In case of any questions, please contact the sales department.

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