About us

Energotel, a.s. has been operating on the Slovak market as a telecommunications operator since 2000 and today we can rank it as one of the successful telecommunication operators operating on the Slovak market. We provide a wide range of continuous clients with high-quality services based on the telecommunications infrastructure of Slovak energy.

Identification data:

Business name:
Energotel, a.s.
Registered Office:
Miletičova 7, 821 08 Bratislava
Organization’s ID number:
35 785 217
Tax identification number:
VAT identification number (VAT ID):
Legal form:
joint stock company
Day of founding:
07. 02. 2000
Date of establishment:
29. 03. 2000
Commercial register:
The Bratislava I District Court Commercial Register, Section Sro: 2404/B
Statutory authority:
Board of Directors
Share capital:
2 191 200 EUR
Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic
List of economic entities

Subject of activity: 

The main business of Energotel, a.s.:

  • provision of telecommunication data services
  • provision of Internet service
  • rental of dark fibers
  • installation and repair of telecommunication equipment
  • provision of outsourcing service, maintenance and administration of telecommunication activities

Strategic direction

The strategy of Energotel, a.s. is to provide high-quality telecommunication services for the needs of other telecommunication operators, whether at the regional, national or international level.

Energotel, a.s.’s strategic goal is to provide the extent and quality of interconnected products in the field of electronic services that will provide long-term and recurring business relationships with customers.

The service portfolio, both technical and personnel-wise, enables each group of telecommunication operators to provide the optimal ratio between required service quality and price.

Where to find us

Energotel, a.s.
Miletičova 7
821 08  Bratislava
The Slovak Republic