Company bodies


Board of Directors of Energotel, a.s.:

Ing. Radim Greguš
Chairman of the Board
Peter GálikMember of the Board
JUDr. Stanislav Rehuš
Member of the Board
Ing. Martin KlamoMember of the Board
PhDr. Ivan TrpčevskiMember of the Board

The supervisory board of Energotel, a.s.:

Ing. Mgr. Juraj Bayer, PhD.
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Ing. Marián Suchý
Supervisory Board Member
Ing. Pavol Mertus
Supervisory Board Member
JUDr. Matej Poriez
Supervisory Board Member
Ing. Lukáš MaršálekSupervisory Board Member
Bc. Michal Lončekmember of the Supervisory Board, employee
Ing. Miloslava Gábrišová
member of the Supervisory Board, employee
Ing. Tomáš Szűcsmember of the Supervisory Board, employee

Where to find us

Energotel, a.s.
Miletičova 7
821 08  Bratislava
The Slovak Republic