Energotel CSIRT

Energotel CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) is responsible for prevention, coordination, security incident handling and impact elimination of cyber security threats.


The CSIRT team covers the following scope of work:

ASN (Autonomous system)
AS31117 - ENERGOTEL a.s.


IPv4 Prefixes

IPv6 Prefixes

Domain services: 

Cache DNS

  • ns.energotel.sk
    •  IPv4: (IPv4)
    •  IPv6: 2a01:328:0:a::2 (IPv6)
  • ns.energotel.sk
    • (IPv4)
    •  2a01:328:0:b::2 (IPv6)

    Authoritative DNS služby

    • ns3.energotel.sk
      • (IPv4)
    • ns4.energotel.sk
      • (IPv4)

      Working hours

      Mo - Fri 8 – 16:30 GMT+1/GMT+2


      You may contact us regarding security incidents using our e-mail address: csirt@energotel.sk
      Key fingerprint = D367 B08E 2B21 E46B 59ED 611C 5FF6 07E6 CA26 13BD

      or telephone at +421 250 612 200

      Postal address::

      Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)
      Energotel, a.s.
      Miletičova 7 821 08 Bratislava
      The Slovak Republic

      Where to find us

      Energotel, a.s.
      Miletičova 7
      821 08  Bratislava
      The Slovak Republic