• high capacity
  • highly reliable
  • redundant, scrambled topology with automatic back-up mechanisms
  • 40 wavelengths

The DWDM transport network within Slovakia for the telecommunication services of Energotel, a.s. includes:

  • 1, 10 a 100 GigabitEthernet
  • Fibre Channel (FC)
  • SDH (STM-4, STM-16)

DWDM technology has:

  • the ability to run at least 40 wavelengths with the possibility of communicating “any to any: and the use of ROADM access to each channel on the given nodes from the first day after the project’s acceptance
  • future capacity increase of at least 100 wavelengths
  • integrated management
  • automatically adjusts the performance of each channel in any ROADM node and/or end node

Where to find us

Energotel, a.s.
Miletičova 7
821 08  Bratislava
The Slovak Republic